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  • Scanner Tag – insert this tag in any place of your WordPress page (or post), the plugin will replace this tag with the scanner code.
  • onBarcode JavaScript – The system calls this JavaScript code after decoding the barcode, the barcodeResult value contains all decoded barcodes.
  • Barcode Types – what types of barcodes should be decoded. Use only the required barcode types. Full list: Barcode Types
  • Frame Size – X and Y resolution of video frame, if the camera does not support such a resolution, the nearest possible will be used. Do not use (without the need) large frame resolution, because this could significantly encrease the frame processing time.
  • Camera (for mobile)
  • Frame Timeout (ms) – pause (ms, default 100) between decoding of frames
  • Barcode Timeout (ms) – pause (ms, default 1000) after successfully decoded barcode, allows to avoid repeated decoding of the same barcode
  • Frame Decoding Time (ms) – time to decode 1 frame
  • Beep – defines play or not beep sound after successfully decoded barcode
  • Barcode at Point – if checked you can decode only single barcode at the frame center
  • Scanner Code – this code will be inserted instead “Scanner Tag
  • License Key – key for working in production mode (in demo mode the symbol ‘*’ will be inserted)